Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Group blasts Mint ads at Series (Toronto Sun)

Ballgame coin-peddling under fire

OTTAWA -- A taxpayer advocacy group is questioning why the Royal Canadian Mint is peddling its coins behind home plate at the World Series.

The mint has purchased advertising that appears on television screens behind batters during games between the Detroit Tigers and St. Louis Cardinals . . .

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Coin collectors thriving again (bangkokpost.com)

Business suffered severely after 1997 crisis but enthusiasm has returned to local market

Coin collecting has become increasingly popular among Thais with a consistent rise in the number of new enthusiasts joining the main local club each year. . . .

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Russia's Central Bank to replace 10-ruble notes with coins (RIA Novosti)

PERM, October 31 (RIA Novosti) - Russia's Central Bank intends to replace all ten-ruble banknotes with coins, the bank's first deputy chairman said Tuesday. . . .

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Eliminating coin a centsitive issue (The Journal Gazette)

Need for penny debatable, but it’s here – for now

If you insist on dragging a jar of pennies into Pio Market to pay for your purchases, that’s fine with owner Neal Butler.

Just don’t expect him to count it. . . .

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Viking riches found in Sweden (AFP)

STOCKHOLM (AFP) - Swedish experts have confirmed the finding of over 1,000 Viking-era silver coins after their chance discovery by two brothers on the Swedish island of Gotland. . . .

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Dawn of shiny new life for Old Mint (San Francisco Chronicle)

Under the watchful eye of a veteran U.S. Mint employee named Ed Trautner, Sen. Dianne Feinstein and Rep. Nancy Pelosi took turns coining money Friday.

They each produced a single ceremonial silver dollar, struck with the image of San Francisco's Old Mint on one side and an American eagle on the other. . . .

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Monday, October 30, 2006

Collector Reveals Secrets of ''Making'' $1.1 Million Coin Profits in Three Months (Press Release)

(Newport Beach, CA) -- How do you make a million dollar profit with rare coins in only three months? By studying and carefully watching for opportunities in the marketplace, according to Aaron Ellis of California, a first-quarter winner in the Professional Coin Grading Service World's Series of Coin Trading(TM) contest that began March 1, 2006 and will end this December 31. . . .

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Scarceness makes 1895-O silver dollar in any grade valuable (The Columbus Dispatch)

Dear Mr. Stebinsky: I have an 1895 silver dollar with an "O" mintmark.
It is in very good condition. What is the value and where I can find a buyer? — H.T., Jackson . . .

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Oak Lawn boy gives rare coin to museum penny drive (Daily Southtown)

In a penny drive to raise money for the new children's museum in Oak Lawn, a Covington Elementary School student made a donation that'll be hard to top.

Adam Smith increased his fifth-grade class's coin count by 300,000 this week.

Making the contribution wasn't as difficult as it might sound. It came in the form of a rare 1909 "wheat penny" that could fetch up to $3,000. . . .

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Hidden loot lures divers (Florida Today)

Treasure from Spanish ships sunk in 1715 still in sight

SEBASTIAN - For most treasure hunters, 2006 was a so-so season, but it was one of the best in 35 years for Jeff Milne of Sebastian.
"On Aug. 11, one of our divers, Sean Duncan, found a one-and-a-half pound gold bar with tax stamps and markings valued at $20,000 to $25,000," Milne said. . . .

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2,700 Coins from Spanish Shipwrecks To Sell in New York City Auction (Press Release)

The Atocha & Santa Margarita lost in 1622 Hurricane

DALLAS, TX: Nearly 3,000 Spanish coins and artifacts from the New World, mostly lost at sea for 250-350 years, are being sold by Heritage Auction Galleries of Dallas, Texas, in January 2007 in New York City. These Treasures of the Sea, as the collection is called, were mostly recovered by noted treasure salvor Mel Fisher, who lost his son in 1975 in a tragic accident during the effort. . . .

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Surrender fake coins or face charges: police (Sun Star, Philippines

THE Philippine National Police (PNP) on Wednesday urged people in possession of fake coins to surrender the bogus money or risk criminal charges.

PNP spokesman Senior Superintendent Samuel Pagdilao said the call is intended to help the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) "take the fake coins out of circulation." . . .

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http://www.sunstar.com.ph/static/zam/2006/ 10/27/news/surrender.fake.coins.or.face.charges.police.html

Saturday, October 28, 2006

New American gold coins are wildly popular (Bradenton Herald)

Sergeant Pepper may well be remembered in song for the splash the fictional band made after two decades, but it was 20 years ago the U.S. Mint played to the wishes of investors and collectors by issuing the first American Gold Eagle bullion coins. . . .

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Friday, October 27, 2006

Firm with license to dig 1814 shipwreck site uncovers loot – and tug-of-war with Britain (Palm Beach Daily News)

A company taking a dive is bad news, but not often an international incident. Yet a marine outfit's plunges into the deep will land it on NBC's Today show in an upcoming segment about a diplomatic tug-of-war over sunken treasure said to be stolen from the United States by Great Britain during the War of 1812. . . .

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http://www.palmbeachdailynews.com/news/content/news/ Treasure1027.html

Ashmolean opens online coin bank (Physorg.com)

The Ashmolean Museum has just launched the most advanced coin website in the world. Roman Provincial Coinage Online comprises one of the largest collections of images and related inscriptions from the ancient world, which is searchable by iconography, place, and time. It is an exciting development for those interested in ancient coins, in classical archaeology, and in Roman history. . . .

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DGSE Companies, Inc. Announces Record Revenues of $31,876,000 for the First Nine-Months of Fiscal 2006 (Press Release)

DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--DGSE Companies, Inc. (Nasdaq:DGSE - News), which wholesales, retails and auctions fine watches, jewelry, diamonds and precious metal and rare coin products via traditional and Internet channels, today announced operating results for the quarter ending September 30, 2006. . . .

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Getting his money's worth: Renton Coin Shop owner keeps tradition of fair deals good company alive (King County Journal)

RENTON — When it comes to dollars and cents, Steve Campau knows the value of money.

"I was 7 when I bought my first coin," the longtime coin collector said.

He's bought — and sold — a bundle of money since then. . . .

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Collectors take new interest in old money (Viet Nam News, Vietnam)

Numismatism in the full sense of the word is still largely unknown to the Vietnamese. Which is unfortunate, seeing how it could have benefited research in history, ethnography, geography, archaeology and other branches of study. . . .

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Titanic relics to emerge from secret warehouse (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

First Atlanta exhibition: After decades in the deep, many items from the star-crossed shipwreck will be displayed here. . . .

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http://www.ajc.com/living/content/living/stories/2006/10/24/ 1025lvtitanic.html

A hobby that's full of change (The Leader-Post, Canada)

Coin collector Royce Hall buys and sells numerous rare and hard-to-find coins. But even he was surprised at the coin that turned up on his table at the Regina Coin Club's fall show this weekend. . . .

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http://www.canada.com/reginaleaderpost/news/ city_province/story.html?id=12e1f29b-9551-4372-bd8f-dd4e668754fd

5 Reasons to Collect Certified and Graded Coins (American Chronicle)

Why should a coin collector and investor buy and collect professionally graded and certified coins? Commonly called “slabs”, they are housed in a protective plastic holder. There are many companies – over a dozen are less than 2 years old – which will put your coin in a slab after Certifying that it is Authentic, and assigning a Grade to the coin. . . .

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Collector's Corner: Coins - Mint Errors (Auctionbytes.com)

I am not a coin collector. Oh, like most other people, I occasionally save a "wheatie" penny or a new state quarter from my change, and I listen with rapt attention whenever there is a news item about some rare coin fetching thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars at auction. . . .

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A penny saved could be $500 earned (The News Journal, DE)

A Dover coin dealer on Monday spent a rare "wheat penny" worth $500 -- on purpose.

MidAtlanticCoins owner Steve A. Bryan says the finder can keep the wheat penny or redeem it at his shop for $500. . . .

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What Coins Should I Collect? (American Chronicle)

You should collect what you like and enjoy. This is Your Dream. Design it any way you want.

Never-the-less, . . . decide on Foreign coins or US Coins; and Proof or Mint State. If US, then decide upon a Denomination: penny, nickel, dime, quarter, half dollar, dollar or other. . . .

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Odyssey Marine Exploration Provides Operations Update (Press Release)

October 24, 2006 - Tampa, FL - Odyssey Marine Exploration Inc. (AMEX: OMR), a leader in the field of deep-ocean shipwreck exploration, provided a marine operations update today. . . .

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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Are they hot coins or fool's gold? (The Courier News, IL)

Dear Mr. Berko:
I've sent you this full-page advertisement from the United State Rare Coin and Bullion Reserve. They're offering to sell the last amount of $5 gold coins for $71 plus shipping, handling and insurance. I would like to buy eight of these coins and give one to each of my grandchildren for Christmas. Then I would like to buy more (if they let me) because they believe the price of gold can go up to $2,000 or more an ounce very soon.

I need to know if this is a fair price. I need to know if I send money to that company that they will send me the coins I order. And I need to know if you think gold coins are a good investment. I'm 82 years old and I don't want to make any mistakes. . . .

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http://www.suburbanchicagonews.com/couriernews/business/ berko/104192,3_3_EL20_BERKO3_S1.article

The Myth of the Gold Supply Deficit (Goldseek.com)

(This is a well written article I highly recommend for anyone with an interest in Gold - AC Dwyer)

Analyses based on annual supply and demand of gold appear on a daily basis, whether posted to gold web sites or in the financial media, many of them by the most respected analysts of gold mining shares. These articles typically show an imbalance between supply and demand, suggesting that there is a gold supply deficit. From there, the conclusion follows that a much higher gold price is required in order to bring supply and demand into balance. . . .

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Mint Museum turns 70 (News 14 Carolina)

CHARLOTTE -- Charlotte's Mint Museum turns 70 this weekend.

Over the years, the mint's art collection has grown to include more than 28,000 pieces, but its beginnings had nothing to do with art. The Mint Museum was born out of one woman's effort to save the building that was the first branch of the U.S. Mint in Philadelphia. . . .

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Treasure hunter finds ski medal from 1940 event (Idaho Statesman)

KETCHUM — A treasure hunter with a metal detector has unearthed a third-place ski medal won and then apparently lost at the 1940 U.S. National Championships in central Idaho’s Sun Valley. . . .

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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Take My Money, Please! (slate.com)

Do businesses have to accept cash?

The Snap CafĂ© in Washington, D.C., made the news last week when it decided to stop accepting cash. If you want one of their crepes, you'll have to pay with plastic. But wait—don't dollar bills claim to be "legal tender for all debts, public and private"? . . .

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Famous $8.5 Million King of Siam Coins, $100,000 Bills at Las Vegas Show (News-Antique.com)

The fabled King of Siam proof set and the U.S. Treasury's Bureau of Engraving and Printing "Billion Dollar Display" will be exhibited on the legendary Las Vegas Strip, October 27 - 29, 2006 . . . .

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Coin lovers can get a glimpse of sunken treasure on dry land (Contra Costa Times)

In October 1865, a steamship carrying 59 passengers and a rumored $400,000 in gold and silver coins sank in the Atlantic Ocean, swallowed up by a hurricane.

The wreckage of the SS Republic lay undisturbed in murky waters off the Georgia coast until 2003, when an enterprising treasure-hunting firm sent a robot 1,700 feet down and began pulling it up, bit by bit, coin by coin. Over time, the appraisals began to come out, and coin collectors across the nation salivated. More than $100,000 in rare Civil War-era coins was recovered, worth about $75 million in today's dollars.

Some of this treasure will be on display inside the Concord Holiday Inn this weekend, drawing coin collectors who, by their nature, spend free time fantasizing about buried treasure but don't often get to see it. . . .

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http://www.contracostatimes.com/mld/cctimes/news/ local/states/california/15748945.htm

Collectors Universe Reports Unit Performance Metrics for First Quarter of Fiscal 2007 (Press Release)

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Oct. 19 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Collectors Universe, Inc. (Nasdaq: CLCT - News), a leading provider of value-added authentication and grading services to dealers and collectors of high-value collectibles and diamonds, colored gemstones and other high value assets today reported its unit performance metrics for the first quarter of fiscal 2007 ended September 30, 2006. . . .

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Citizens Coinage Advisory Commitee to Meet November 2 (Press Release)

CCAC to Consider Design Candidates for 2008 Presidential $1 Coins

The Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC) will meet Thursday, November 2, 2006, at 10 a.m. at the United States Mint in Washington, D.C.

The purpose of the meeting is to conduct business associated with the CCAC’s responsibility to advise the Secretary of the Treasury on themes and designs pertaining to United States coinage. . . .

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The Franklin Mint Acquired (Press Release)

ASTON, Pa.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Franklin Mint, the world's most trusted name in collectibles and the leading private mint, has been acquired from Roll International Corporation by a select group of investors led by M. Moshe Malamud and Steven J. Sisskind, who have extensive experience in the art, collectibles, media, entertainment and direct marketing industries. . . .

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Berlin's Bode Museum Reopening After 6-Year Overhaul (Washington Post)

BERLIN Berlin's famed Museum Island complex moves a big step closer to recovering its former glory as the Bode Museum, home to the city's sculpture collection, reopens this week after six years of restoration. . . . It houses about 1,700 sculptures, along with Berlin's Museum of Byzantine Art and Numismatic Collection. The museum will reopen to visitors tomorrow. . . .

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006


When contemplating some of the most intriguing Modern US coins, several of the No S Proof coins come in mind. In particular, the 1968-S Proof Dime -- the first date for the Roosevelt Dime Proofs without the "S" mint mark. After thorough research, experts concluded that the "S" mint mark was not punched into the die creating this new variety. . . .

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U.S. Delays Rule on Limits to Chinese Art Imports (The New York Times)

In a move that has cheered museum directors and art dealers and dismayed archaeologists, the State Department has agreed to delay a decision on a controversial request from China that the United States strictly limit imports of Chinese art and antiquities. . . .

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Gold dinar as investment, anyone? (Business Times, Malaysia)

Question. What would it take to convince you that gold coins are a better investment for your hard-earned cash compared to properties or fixed deposits? . . .

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Thieves take $500,000 coin collection from Danville house (Indianapolis Star)

A burglar stole nearly $500,000 in gold coins and silver certificates from the home of a coin collector in Danville. . . .

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Mint now offering individual Eagles (The Star Ledger)

UNCIRCULATED AMERICAN EAGLE 1-ounce gold and silver coins are being offered individually in the U.S. Mint's 2006 Holiday Collection catalog, and that development has upset some collectors. . . .

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Liberty Dollars draw law-enforcement attention (Billings Gazette)

Coin backers say U.S. currency based only on 'popular acceptance'

A trendy alternative to legal tender, the Liberty Dollar, could now land coin-aisseurs in prison for up to five years, according to federal prosecutors. . . .

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Worker: Coin Dealer Accused Of Stealing Said State Money Like ATM (Associated Press)

TOLEDO, Ohio -- A politically connected coin dealer treated money that he received from the state to invest in rare coins like it was from his own ATM, his former personal assistant testified Tuesday. . . .

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Treasures of cargo and story found in shipwreck (Herald Tribune)

Priit J. Vesilind weaves together a history of Civil War-era shipping and a 21st-century treasure hunt in "Lost Gold of the Republic: The Remarkable Quest for the Greatest Shipwreck Treasure of the Civil War Era." . . .

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Coin lovers get hooked easily, get out of the hobby slowly (Journal & Courier)

Nine-year-old Ben Schiery and his mother, Michele, came early Sunday to the Lafayette Numismatic Society's coin show because he didn't want the "cool ones" to be snapped up before he arrived. . . .

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Column: How to Bank on Rare Coins (Associated Press)

How Can I Make a Buck Off of an Old Penny?

Q. I hear you can make a lot of money investing in rare coins. Is that true?

A. Since the U.S. Mint began issuing unique quarters for each of the 50 states a few years ago, coin dealers say there has been a surge of interest and hype surrounding numismatics, the fancy term for collecting and studying coins and paper money. . . .

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Special Instructions for Submitting 20th Anniversary Eagles to NGC (NGC)

In celebration of the Twentieth Anniversary of the American Eagle Bullion Program, the US Mint is issuing special commemorative sets. . . .

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Scuba looters face up to four years in jail (CDNN)

ITALY (16 Oct 2006) -- Three divers accused of modern-day piracy after a shipwreck was allegedly looted are due to go on trial in Italy today. . . .

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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Portuguese police seize one million dollars in counterfeit bills (Khaleej Times, UAE)

LISBON - Portuguese police on Saturday said they had seized around one million US dollars (780,000 euros) in counterfeit 100-dollar bills and arrested three men. . . .

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RCMP find fake coin factory near Montreal (CBC News)

The RCMP and Quebec police have broken up a highly sophisticated counterfeit ring that was manufacturing fake loonies and toonies — a first in Canada, officials say. . . .

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With a little luck (Ft Wayne Journal Gazette)

Gaze upon the Fankhauser coins. (click link then scroll down to see story)

In the world of coin collecting, Earl Fankhauser is famous. Known as “The Penny Man,” Fankhauser was one of the largest creators of encased coins. OK. So, maybe this doesn’t put him up there with Fort Wayne’s Shelley Long and DeMarcus Beasley, but still. At coin collector conventions, he’s like Mick Jagger. . . .

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NGC Restructures VarietyPlus Service (NGC)

One of the valuable services offered by NGC is the attribution of coin varieties. By varieties, we mean coins which differ from their basic design type in some distinctive way and are thus differentiated by collectors. Advanced collectors have already begun to notice subtle changes in VarietyPlus, NGC’s coin variety attribution program. Starting in October 2006, NGC will introduce a new attribution system for die varieties. . . .

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'Priceless' L.A. Ghetto Coins Are Fakes (Associated Press)

LOS ANGELES - It looked like the "deal of the century," said police Detective Michael Montoya, a couple of guys down on their luck on Skid Row, selling priceless old silver coins for 20 bucks apiece. . . .

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Friday, October 13, 2006

Why Gold? Why Now? (Rare Coin Insider)

As the fifth anniversary of the World Trade Center attack came and went, I am struck by the enduring significance of that appalling incident.

While it was by no means the beginning of where the United States finds itself today, that tragic event has certainly moved us towards critical mass, with a far greater impact on our daily lives and the economy than many of us could have imagined five years, two years or even one year ago. We are now not only looking at a war on terror and wars in the Middle East; we are also now looking at the threat of a slowing U.S. economy. . . .

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A virtual sales tour (The Gazette)

Dan and Barbara Rogers were frustrated by their inability to find a company creating high-quality online virtual tours. So they started their own. . . . The American Numismatic Association Money Museum on Cascade Avenue is about to have the third version of its virtual tour in a year, reflecting a change in feature exhibits —this newest one on ancient coins. . . .

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Dig up your old coins, says Reserve Bank (The New Zealand Herald)

The Reserve Bank is urging New Zealanders to check under sofa cushions and rummage through glove boxes for discontinued coins - before they are useless. . . .

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Reserve Bank of NZ Has That Extra Touch (Scoop.co.nz)

The Reserve Bank of NZ was presented with the Extra Touch Award by the Association of Blind Citizens of New Zealand (Association) in recognition of its commitment to ensure the new 10, 20 and 50 cent coins are easily identifiable by blind and vision impaired people. . . .

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Odyssey claims sunken ship (St Petersburg Times)

A federal judge recommends granting the salvage company exclusive rights to a shipwreck off the coast of England.

On Tuesday, Odyssey Marine Exploration Inc. persuaded a federal judge to recommend granting the Tampa company exclusive rights to salvage a 17th century merchant ship off the southwest coast of England. . . .

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Escala Group and Its North American Philatelic Division Report Strong 'Stamp Auction Week' Sales (Press Release)

Aggregate Sales Total $5.8 Million, 26% Over Pre-Sale Estimates

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Escala Group (Nasdaq: ESCL - News), a global collectibles company in stamps, coins, and art and antiques, and its North American Philatelic Auction subsidiaries Greg Manning Auctions, H.R. Harmer and Nutmeg Stamp Sales, announced that the five auctions conducted during "Stamp Auction Week" held September 25-30, 2006, realized $5.8 million in aggregate sales, well over their pre-sale estimates of $4.6 million. . . .

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San Francisco group needs to raise $38 million for Mint (San Francisco Chronicle)

The San Francisco Museum and Historical Society has 18 months to raise $38 million to show that its plan for turning the Old Mint into a museum and tourist attraction is feasible. . . .

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Thursday, October 12, 2006

'Liberty Dollars' Can Buy Users A Prison Term, U.S. Mint Warns (Washington Post)

Once upon a time, a "monetary architect" named Bernard von NotHaus decided to make his own money.

He put a beautiful Lady Liberty and a majestic flaming torch on the silver and gold coins, and he named them "Liberty Dollars." On his Web site, http://www.libertydollar.org , he said: "It is fun to use REAL money. Liberty Dollars are a proven and profitable currency that protects and grows the purchasing power of your money!"

Full story at:

PCGS 2006 World Series of Coin Trading Announces 1st Quarter Winners (PCGS)

PCGS is proud to announce the 1st quarter winners with the highest portfolio gains for the World Series of Coin Trading (WSCT). In the Collectors division, the winner with the highest total portfolio value was DMPL, whose portfolio ended with a cash value of $2,144,147. In only 3 months, DMPL managed to more than double his portfolio cash position. . . .

Full story at:

Rare Coins (NGC)

As we enter the last quarter of 2006, many numismatists are asking, “What in the world has happened to the coin business?” This has to be one of the strangest markets we have ever encountered. . . .

Full story at:

Monday, October 09, 2006

Jewelry, coin collection stolen in Raymondville burglary (WWTI-TV)

Someone made off with a large coin collection and women's jewelry from a home in Raymondville. . . .

Full story at:

Shop Owner Arrested For Stealing Valuable Coins (WTVM-TV)

A Columbus couple is warning others after their valuable coin collection was stolen. Investigators say the owner of Woody's World was supposed to appraise a Columbus couple's coin collection. Instead, they say he stole more than $54,000 worth. . . .

Full story at:

Finding the missing coin (The North Platte Telegraph)

For most, the penny is relatively worthless. Rather than carry the copper coins in our pockets or purses, we discard them into little cups placed on retail counters to help out future customers who come up a penny or two short.But in the hands of an avid coin collector, the penny is worth far more than its face value. . . .

Full story at:

A Nickel Here, A Dime There: It Adds Up (Hartford Courant)

Christopher Hall, 33, has been saving small change all of his life. When he was 13, his mother gave him a coin-counting machine. Ever since then, whenever there was something big that he couldn't quite afford, he'd cash in jars full of coins. . . .

Full story at:

Sales Record At Stamp And Coin Auction (Newswire.co.nz)

Organisers of the country's largest annual stamp auction, which was held in Wellington this weekend, say the event attracted record sales. . . .

Full story at:

U.S. Mint Seeks Monopoly (The Progress Report)

While U.S. government purchasing media is believed by many to be a governmental monopoly, in fact there are several local currencies which circulate, as well as local exchange trading systems which use the US dollar as the unit of account but do not use US dollars as the medium. . . .

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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Newtown company caught in middle (Buck Co. Courier Times)

In one corner there's Canada, whose waters shelter the shipwreck. In another is Great Britain, which claims the site contains one of its war ships from the 1800s. And completing the triangle is the United States, which believes the loot on the ship belongs to this country. . . .

Full story at:

Sun-Gazette reporter tours the ‘bank’s bank’ (Williamsport Sun Gazette)

Bread, dough, clams, dinero, juice, loot, moolah, scratch, smackers — whatever you call it, it’s just a job to Michelle Scipione.

Full story at:

Over 125 years, Schwaab has bounced around from coins to rubber stamps (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

Wauwatosa - There was a time when Schwaab Inc. engraved coins for the U.S. Mint and made license plates for every county in Wisconsin.

Full story at:

Treasure hunting banned at wreck (BBC)

A wreck off the Cornish coast has been given new protection from divers hoping to plunder its treasure.

Full story at:

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Old coins need to be spent or banked soon (Scoop.co.nz)

Auckland's leading shopping district, Newmarket, has taken it upon itself to remind people that after 31 October old 50, 20, 10 and 5 cent coins will no longer be legal tender.

"New Zealanders need to be reminded of this. There are millions of dollars around the country sitting in piggy banks, car ashtrays, and in coffee jars that will be completely worthless in less than a month," said Cameron Brewer, head of the Newmarket Business Association, today.

Full story at:

Sunken ship’s booty contested in court (Columbus Dispatch)

A group that helped recover one of the largest sunken treasures from the Atlantic Ocean is seizing gold and going after the bank accounts of the Columbus-based salvagers. . . .

Full story at:

Classic Sports Car Coins (BellaOnline)

Among Coin Collectors of modern issue coinage the Perth Mint in Australia has gained a reputation for beauty, high quality and innovative craftsmanship that generally exceeds most modern mints worldwide. They are known mostly for their Silver Kookaburra, Gold Nugget (Kangaroo) and Platinum Koala coins which have a huge following. So, it was no surprise when the Perth Mint introduced a new proof set for the discriminating collector called International Classic Cars. . . .

Full story at:

Friday, October 06, 2006

For treasure seeker, a possible new find (St Petersburg Times)

Needing a big payday, Odyssey Marine Exploration of Tampa may have found a valuable shipwreck off the British coast. . . .

Full story at:

Workmen unearth 3,600 Roman coins (BBC)

A digger being used by workmen on a building site in Kent has unearthed 3,600 bronze Roman coins dating from AD330 to AD348. . . .

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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

What’s in your wallet? (Canton Repository)

Don’t let rare coins slip through your fingers. asap’s Lisa Fields discovers that sometimes efficiency doesn’t pay. . . .

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Huge Gold Rush congressional medal resurfaces (WTVM-TV)

WOLFEBORO, N.H. A rare medal presented to 19th century President Zachary Taylor goes on display in Georgia this week.When Taylor became president in 1849, he was a hero for his exploits during the Mexican War. The country said "thanks" three times, with Congressional Gold Medals. . . .

Full story at:

New Kazakh Bills Seen as Numismatic Rarity Because of Typo (MosNews)

In a hundred years or so the new bills issued by the National Bank of Kazakhstan are likely to become a numismatic rarity, the Vremya Novostei newspaper reports. . . .

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Da Vinci medal one of five airline gave away to celebrate manned flight (Columbus Dispatch)

Dear Mr. Stebinsky: I have a set of five medals in a wooden case that was given to me as a member of the TWA Ambassadors Club. Do the medals have any value? . . .

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The Mint Museums Celebrates the Past 70 Years (Artdaily.com)

Charlotte, NC - The Mint Museum of Art initially served the region as the first branch of the United States Mint, coining $5 million in gold from 1836 to the outbreak of the Civil War. A grassroots community effort during the Depression saved the original Federal-style building designed by William Strickland from demolition and moved it to its present Randolph Road site. The museum formally opened to the public on October 22, 1936 as North Carolina's first art museum. . . .

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Deep-sea treasure lures salvage firm (III)

LONDON (Reuters) - The search for sunken treasure in deep-sea shipwrecks may sound like the stuff of children's adventure stories rather than corporate boardrooms. . . .

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Treasure trove warning over eBay (BBC)

People who find treasure may be breaking the law if they do not report it to the authorities, eBay and the British Museum are warning. . . .

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