Monday, November 27, 2006

Coin dealer must repay $16.7 million (USA Today)

TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) — A former GOP fundraiser convicted of embezzling from a state investment in rare coins must repay the state $13.7 million, a judge ruled Monday.

Tom Noe was sentenced last week to 18 years in prison for his role in a scandal that contributed to the Republican Party's loss of the governor's office.

Lucas County Common Pleas Judge Thomas Osowik said Noe must repay the $13.7 million the state says he stole along with the nearly $3 million cost of the investigation. . . .

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Jon Nadler Gets In-Depth on Gold (

St. LOUIS ( – As gold traded up to a 10 week high on Nymex today, Jon Nadler, of Kitco spoke in depth with Resource Investor regarding gold’s direction, a weak dollar, China and much, much more.

RESOURCE INVESTOR: Gold hit a high of $641 today, while the dollar hit a 20 month low against the euro, any thoughts on were this is heading? . . .

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The Buy of the Century (

Few people have noticed…

But the bull market in gold is back in full swing. As I write, the price of gold is at $638, roughly 10% away from highs reached this summer.

While some have noticed this, absolutely nobody has noticed the complete detonation of rare gold coin prices this year. While the price of gold is near its highs, coins have gotten crushed - creating what I believe is the buy of the century in pre-1933 graded U.S. gold coins. . . .

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Price of gold one factor in deciding whether to sell or hold collection (Columbus Dispatch, OH)

Dear Mr. Stebinsky: I have several gold coins, including a Saint-Gaudens $20, two other $20s, two $10s, two $5s and a $2.50. . . .

Just in time for the holidays, Whitman Publishing has produced a gift for collectors: It is reprinting the first edition of the venerable A Guide Book of United States Coins by R.S. Yeoman. . . .

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FAITH UNDER FIRE: New U.S. dollar coins hide 'In God We Trust' (

On gold-colored presidential pieces, national motto relegated to thin edge

WASHINGTON – "In God We Trust," the official national motto since 1956 and a familiar sight on U.S. coins and currency, will be hard to find on the new presidential dollar coins scheduled for release to the public Feb. 15, 2007. . . .

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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Counting your pennies (Longmont Daily Times-Call, CO)

Businessman releases valuable coins into downtown stores

LONGMONT — An attempt to attract some attention to his business and the downtown in general has led to an unusual promotion by a local businessman.
Mark Chamberlain, who celebrated 10 years in business with C&C Coins & Collectibles last month, put 10 rare 1914-D Lincoln pennies into circulation by spending them discreetly at downtown stores. . . .

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In Our View - Presidential Dollars (The Columbian, WA)

Another good coin idea is emerging

The U.S. Mint is getting wild and crazy. Formerly seen as one of the more staid federal bureaucracies, the money-making machine has been encouraged by the successful 50-state quarters program. Now the Mint is thinking outside the box again, and plans to introduce presidential dollar coins in 2007.

We love the idea. . . .

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Miami coin dealer gets 5-year prison sentence for eBay fraud (Sun-Sentinel, FL)

MIAMI -- A former attorney and rare coin dealer from Miami was sentenced Tuesday to more than five years in prison after admitting he defrauded more than $1 million from more than 100 people who bought collectibles from him on the eBay online auction site. . . .

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Your change is about to change (The Messenger, Georgia)

The National Bank of Georgia (NBG) officially released three new coins into circulation: a 50 tetri coin, a GEL 1 coin and a GEL 2 coin. The presentation of the new coins took place at the Georgian National Bank Museum of Money on November 20. . . .

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$1 coins may not jingle in many pockets (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, WI)

New dollars could suffer from public's preference for paper

Wisconsin coin experts are predicting a life of relative obscurity for the new presidential $1 coins. . . .

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New $1 coin another loser (Northwest Herald, IL)

In Canada, they call their dollar a “loonie,” and there is no paper alternative.

In the United States, the U.S. Mint has come out with yet another dollar coin – and pardon us, presidents – it’s a loser. . . .

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Give the gift of ancient coins (Bradenton Herald, FL)

If there were to be an "ideal" gift for the holidays it wouldn't be one that only targets Christians for Christmas. This time of year, both the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah and the Muslim Eid holy days take place. . . .

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SILVER BOOTY PICKED UP ON A BOOT (Isle of Wight County Press, UK)

A TREASURE hunter picked up a valuable find on his boot that his metal detector missed during a dig.

Brian Hawkes, a member of the IW Metal Detecting Club, discovered a silver Roman coin caked in mud on the tip of his boot. . . .

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Registry Collectors (NGC)

Keep Market Strong

Wow, what a strange cycle we are experiencing; or, are we? It appears that the balance of activity has shifted to modern issue coinage. But is that really the case? . . .

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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

PM Launches BNM Commemorative Coins (MNNA, Malaysia)

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 13 (Bernama) -- Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Monday launched Bank Negara Malaysia's (BNM) three commemorative coins in conjunction with the Ninth Malaysia Plan (9MP), which was tabled in March.In a statement here today,

BNM said the commemorative coins are legal tender and are made of gold, silver and Nordic gold brilliant uncirculated. . . .

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Monday, November 20, 2006

United States Mint Unveils Design of New Circulating Presidential $1 Coins (Press Release)

Historic Change On The Way

Washington, DC — United States Mint Director Edmund C. Moy; Louise Roseman, Director of Reserve Bank Operations and Payments Systems at the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve; and other Federal officials provided a first glimpse of a new series of circulating Presidential $1 Coins at a design unveiling ceremony held today at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Portrait Gallery. The $1 coins are being introduced as a result of the Presidential Coin Act of 2005, which requires the United States Mint to mint the dollar coins commemorating the service of former United States Presidents in the order in which they served. . . .

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U.S. Mint to unveil presidential coins (Associated Press)

WASHINGTON - Can George Washington and Thomas Jefferson succeed where Susan B. Anthony and Sacajawea failed? The U.S. Mint is hoping America's presidents will win acceptance, finally, for the maligned dollar coin.

The public will get the chance to decide starting in February when the first of the new coins, bearing the image of the first president, is introduced. . . .

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"First Strike" Designation Class-Action Lawsuit Filed in Florida

Numismatic News Article:

Earlier Article that Explained What a First Strike Really Was . . . A Marketing Gimmick!

U.S. Mint hopes presidents encourage $1 coin usage (Reuters)

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Mint is hoping that Martin Van Buren and Millard Fillmore can do what Susan B. Anthony and Sacagawea couldn't -- get Americans to use dollar coins.

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Friday, November 17, 2006

New York museum shows glory of gold (Associated Press)

NEW YORK - It has been used to crown kings and fill cavities, for high-end jewelry and high-flying space travel.

Gold has long represented wealth, power and prestige, and a new exhibit showcases just how remarkable this rare and precious material is. "Gold" opens Saturday at the American Museum of Natural History and runs through Aug. 19.

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The Finest Known 1913 Liberty Head Nickel to be Auctioned by Stack's (Press Release)

Perhaps America’s most famous rarityThe Ultimate Rare Coin Showpiece!

To be auctioned by Stack’s January 2, 2007

The Finest Known 1913 Liberty Head Nickel

The Eliasberg Coin

Superb Prooflike Gem

Finest of Five Known

“The World in Wait” . . .

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Coin dealer Noe guilty (The Beacon Journal, OH)

TOLEDO - A federal jury in Toledo concluded Monday that Republican fundraiser and coin dealer Tom Noe swindled the Ohio government in a risky investment scheme that raised doubts about GOP leadership and contributed to last week's virtual Democratic sweep of statewide offices. . .

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Coin collecting club could start (The Fountain Hills Times, AZ)

Numismatics wanted. No coinage required.

If you are a coin collector, or curious over what it’s about, this is the place for you.

Fountain Hills resident John Gibson, a numismatic for over 40 years, wants to hear from other coin collectors in the area.

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Treasure of Rome unearthed near Amsterdam (Post-Tribune, IN)

Dutch archeologists have discovered an estimated 200 silver Roman coins, several jewels, an armband and a ring hidden in a clay pot, the city overseeing the dig said. . .

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Monday, November 13, 2006

‘U.S. Presidents’ Witness Launch of South Dakota Quarter At Mount Rushmore National Memorial (Press Release)

40th Quarter of 50 State Quarters® Program Honors Shrine of Democracy

MOUNT RUSHMORE, SD – With the monumental faces of four of the Nation’s former Presidents towering in the background, United States Mint Director Edmund C. Moy joined Governor M. Michael Rounds, South Dakota First Lady Jean Rounds and Rapid City Mayor Jim Shaw to launch the South Dakota commemorative quarter-dollar in a ceremony at the Mount Rushmore National Memorial Amphitheater. Native drum group Star Nation performed an honor song during the ceremony. . .

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Central Bank To Supervise Virtual Coins From Next Year (

Electronic currency, including virtual coins which are usually used for playing online games, have become a new focus for China's central bank.

Li Chao, director of the Office of the People's Bank of China, has told local media that the central bank has begun to pay attention to virtual coins and is working on relevant regulations which are expected to come out next year to regulate and supervise virtual coins. . .

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Penny still thriving (Brazosport Facts)

ANGLETON — You can find them, flip them, wish on them or cash them in, but the country’s smallest currency still might end up lost in the couch cushion of history.

Even some pennies that are heads up seem to have had a bit of bad luck.

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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Majoros collects coins, new hobbyists (Asbury Park Press, NJ)

To Jim Majoros, coin collecting isn't just about the money.

For more than a decade, the Toms River resident has made it his mission to bolster the ranks of the Ocean County Coin Club by introducing hundreds of youngsters to the hobby. . .

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Introducing the coin (Argus Leader, SD)

To embody South Dakota in coin form, a quarter comes out tomorrow that depicts two of the state's biggest attractions.

Mount Rushmore is featured on the coin with a ring-necked pheasant in flight above the presidents' heads. . .

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Need Help Starting a State Quarter Collection? (The Daily Independent, CA)

(This appears to be an ad for the Morgan Mint disguised as a legitimate news story, but I include it anyway since it was published by more than one newspaper)

(ARA) - When the U.S. Mint launched its State Quarter program back in 1999, the number of coin collectors in this country exploded astronomically. According to the U.S. Mint, State Quarters are currently collected by 130 million people, which translates to about one person in every home in America. . .

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Friday, November 10, 2006

Medals and Tokens Still Lag Behind Coin Prices (

In spite of a strong medals and tokens auction on July 15, Presidential Coin and Antique Company president H. Joseph Levine said he still thinks the medals market is way undervalued. . .

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Collector's Universe profits hit by gold prices (Orange County Register)

Profits drop 59 percent as fewer coin collectors request grading services.

Collectors Universe Inc. in Newport Beach reported today that its first quarter profits plunged 59 percent as fewer coin collectors used its grading services. . .

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Great Christmas gift ideas for collectors (Bradenton Herald, FL)

I'm one of those peculiar traditionalists who foolishly believes Christmas actually takes place in December.

On the other hand, I appreciate preparedness and the fact that some gifts do take time to arrive. Because of that, for the next few weeks I'll be including select gift ideas for collectors. Similarly I'll try to include suggestions you may want to consider avoiding . . .

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Jurors in Noe’s coin-fund trial finish first day of deliberations (The Columbus Dispatch)

TOLEDO — The jury deciding the fate of coin dealer Thomas W. Noe met for about 5 1 /2 hours yesterday without reaching a verdict and was to continue its deliberations today. . .

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Rockaway coin dealer Michael McCoy finds treasures, offers advice (Pacifica Tribune)

Michael McCoy is an expert in all things shiny. Show him a coin or a piece of jewelry and you'll really pique his interest.

A local numismatist, McCoy offers appraisals and good old-fashioned advise to anyone interested in finding out more about coins, jewelry or precious metals — either as a hobby or investment. . .

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$2 bill increasing in use and shedding its 'play-money' image (USA Today)

NEW YORK (Reuters) — America's little-used $2 bill, which occasionally turns up in birthday cards and souvenir drawers, is on a roll.

From mom-and-pop stores to strip clubs, the bill is shedding its play-money image and turning up in more wallets. . .

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Old money, art and history lure collectors (Baltimore Sun)

On the block are 19th-century plates used to print bank notes and stock certificates

Tony Terranova, a professional coin collector from New York City, will have a chance to diversify his collection when more than 100 hand-engraved steel plates go on the auction block today. . . .

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Who's Minding the Mint? (Yahoo Finance)

Tim Iacono submits: The U.S. Mint has a new television ad campaign. It's a curious mix of piano music and voice-over, more likely to be heard during a pharmaceutical commercial, along with images of a couple tossing coins into a fountain and a boy searching for loose change under some sofa cushions. . .

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Police Issue Warning About Counterfeit Bills (WBAL-TV)

ANNAPOLIS, Md. -- Annapolis police are warning individuals and businesses to watch out for counterfeit bills in circulation.

Some of the bills have included $10, $5 and $1 although several $100 are also going around. . .

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$1 Million Bay Area Exhibit of Colonial U.S. Coins (

According to superstition, they're "coins that kept the witches away." Some of the finest known 17h century Colonial American silver coins will be displayed in Santa Clara, CA, Nov. 16 & 17, 2006. . .

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Theater preview: 'American Buffalo' (Rochester Democrat and Chronicle)

(November 6, 2006) — A story that begins with an ordinary day in a secondhand store is never just about buying and selling. Don's Resale Shop and after-hour poker joint in lower-income Chicago is jam-packed with useless trash and castoffs — including three petty crooks.

It's a tossup to see if there is honor among thieves when the trio plans to rob a coin collection from a customer who had purchased a rare Buffalo head nickel for what they considered a "steal."

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Get stuck on stamp collecting at the coin and stamp show Saturday (Durant Democrat, OK)

The second annual Durant coin show, hosted by the Texoma Coin Club, will be from 9-5 Saturday, at the Bryan County Community Building at 1901 South Ninth Ave. Home-style food will be available for breakfast and lunch. Coin shows are great family outings and make a wonderful field trip for middle school age kids, as there are ample topics of education, said John Mc William, president of the coin club. . .

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Monday, November 06, 2006

No 'nickel and dime' event (Rochester Democrat and Chronicle)

Avid collectors eye currency items worth up to $4,000

(November 6, 2006) — Who were the most passionate collectors visiting the Rochester Museum & Science Center this past weekend? Let's toss a coin. . .

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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Letter carrier gets 3 years in prison for stealing rare gold coin (The New Journal, DE)

WILMINGTON -- A letter carrier who stole a rare gold coin from the mail was sentenced to three years in prison today and ordered to pay restitution. . . .

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K5, K10 coins out December (Press Release, Malawi)

The Reserve Bank of Malawi (RBM) says K5 and K10 coins are expected to be issued into circulation next month.RBM governor Victor Mbewe said in a statement Wednesday the coins will initially be used concurrently with K5 and K10 bank notes currently in circulation. . . .

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The Return to Sound Money (Article Excerpt)

By Ludwig von Mises

Monetary Policy and the Present Trend Toward All-around Planning
The people of all countries agree that the present state of monetary affairs is unsatisfactory and that a change is highly desirable. However, ideas about the kind of reform needed and about the goal to be aimed at differ widely. . . .

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Release of South Dakota quarter to top off year’s westward march (Columbus Dispatch)

The South Dakota state quarter, the fifth and final commemorative quarter of 2006, will be released during a Nov. 13 ceremony at Mount Rushmore. . . .

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Wrecks to riches: Siren song of treasure hunt (Philadelphia Enquirer)

A Bucks salvage firm went public after a big find, but investors in sea hunts shouldn't be holding their breath.

Taking a company public is risky. Searching for buried treasure is chancier. Staking a claim on government artifacts may be plain lunacy. . . .

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PCGS Announces World Coin Population Reports (Press Release)

World Coin PCGS Population Reports (SM) are now available on the Professional Coin Grading Service website at The new reports show a tabulation of all world coins graded by PCGS in all grades, allowing buyers and sellers to determine the relative importance of a particular coin. . . .

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Friday, November 03, 2006

Russia needs no more 1-kopeck and 5-kopeck coins (, Siberia)

Cancellation of 1-kopeck and 5-kopeck coins might save a lot of money, Director General of Federal State-Owned Enterprise Goznak Arkadiy Trachouk believes. . . .

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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Mystery call leads to treasure (Albany Democrat-Herald)

Message left at D-H points to apparent loot from burglary

It wasn’t quite buried treasure, but an anonymous phone message did lead two Democrat-Herald photographers to the exact location of a backpack filled with jewelry and coins sitting in the rain along Highway 99E this morning. . . .

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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Rare $500 wheat penny found, redeemed (The News Journal)

A 1914-D Lincoln wheat-back penny worth $500, intentionally spent by a coin dealer to spark interest, was redeemed Tuesday at his store in Dover.

"I'd about begun to give up that anyone would find it," said Steve A. Bryan, president and chief executive officer of MidAtlanticCoins. . . .

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