Wednesday, January 31, 2007

'Surplus' dollar bills no bargain (Deseret News, UT)

The heading in the Deseret Morning News reads: "$3 Million of surplus cash goes up for grabs. Public windfall of remaining uncut sheets of real U.S. Legal Tender being let go at only a fraction of its value. ..."

Beneath the newspaper-layout-style headline is an article by Mary Beth Andrews of Universal Media Services, saying the World Reserve is "dumping its surplus of $3 million dollars of excess cash right in our back yards."

What does that sentence mean? Forget that "$" already means dollars and that a surplus is pretty much the same as an excess; how can any organization dump money?

The ad — for that is what it is, an ad and not really an article, one discovers by reading the relatively small print at the top of the page — is offering uncut pages of legal currency. For $1.09 you can purchase a sheet of four uncut $1 bills, whose face value is $4. . . .

Full story at:,1249,655192399,00.html

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