Saturday, February 17, 2007

Collectible coins lack convenience of paper (The Daily Gamecock, USC)

Apparently the U.S. Federal Reserve didn't get the memo. Coins are so "Treasure Island."

Thursday the new gold $1 coin, which is larger and thicker than a quarter, was released to the public bearing the likeness of George Washington. The Mint hopes this new $1 coin program, which rotates presidents every three months, will be as successful as the 50-state quarter program, USA Today reported. . . .

Full story at: 2007/02/16/Viewpoints/Editorial.Collectible.Coins.Lack.Convenience. Of.Paper-2724289.shtml

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Scott said...

What would one expect from a bunch of chicken-sh*ts from a two-bit school in South Carolina (says this Georgia Alum)!