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Godless - Plain Edge - Washington Dollar FAQs at

(About:coins is such an excellent resource for coin collectors seeking information about the hobby that I didn't hesitate last year to allow my article about First Strike coins to be published on the site. Susan Headley, the guide to the coin section of the site, does such an excellent job with putting together timely articles that I had to point you to this great FAQ article she wrote on the recently released Washington dollars. And if you like this article, don't hesitate to Sign Up Here for her free newsletter about coins. And if you were wondering, I do not work for and did not get paid for this plug. I really do believe the site and her newsletter are worth checking out.)

About:Coins Article by Susan Headley
There are a lot of incorrect rumors going around about the plain edge George Washington Presidential Dollars. These are the new golden dollars with no lettering on the edge, also called "missing edge lettering" and "Godless dollars" (because IN GOD WE TRUST is among the missing inscriptions.) The hobby collectively seems to be settling on the term "plain edge" and so that is the term I will use for now.

In addition to rumors, there is a great deal of misunderstanding about what the numbers on the boxes the dollars are shipped in mean, where the coins were rolled, and other details. I did some research, and my findings are below. . . .

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