Friday, March 09, 2007

Over $600,000 in Rare Coins Selling for Under a Buck -- or Not (TreasureHunt)

(I like the following article, but I'm confused by the "originally published" date of March 9, 2007. Near the bottom of the article it talks about the 1913 Liberty Nickel that sold "last month" for $4.15 million. That nickel sold in 2005. . . Hmm. . . Read a similar article I wrote about the Twin Towers commemorative: Link)

. . . I'm continually astounded at the number of ads hawking collectibles that, in many cases, are worded so cleverly it's questionable just what's being sold at all. More often than not, those "collectibles" are anything but.

Last week, I spied another ad taking up most of the page in a major national weekly magazine. At the top was a large headline that read "The Most Valuable Morgan Silver Dollars Ever Minted." . . .

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