Sunday, January 20, 2008

Rumors of treasure are pretty intriguing

Professional treasure-hunter is one of those dream jobs most of us bury on a deserted, palm-shaded beach at the back of imagination sometime in our early teens.

But who doesn't occasionally fantasize about stumbling upon an ancient, iron-bound chest poking up through the sand, drooling gold doubloons from a broken corner? The enduring popularity of Indiana Jones and the corny National Treasure movies testifies to our potent interest in the adventurous discovery of ancient riches.

Like winning the lottery, it happens often enough to dangle a thin thread of reality even to those of us whose most dangerous exploit is paying winter utility bills. Who didn't snap to attention last year when Odyssey Marine Exploration brought up 17 tons of silver coins and gold artifacts from a mysterious 18th century shipwreck 200 miles west of . . .

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