Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Want to be a coin dealer? Alan Herbert answers the question "To Deal Coins or Not?"

Apparently there's a lot of mystery about being a coin dealer. It usually starts with a question to me, my answer, and then the person goes away mad.

It works like this: "How do I become a coin dealer?"

My answer politely suggests that if the person needs to ask, they probably are not suited for the job. Something on the order of: If you need to ask the price of a Mercedes, you probably can't afford it. I usually add some standard advice, but I always have the feeling that my advice is ignored.

They leave angry, but educatedif they take the advice to heart. I am blunt when necessary and this is one of many places where you can't sweet talk a person into becoming a businessman or a businesswoman.

There is no point in assuring the potential dealer that learning the business is a snap. They will find out soon enough that the exact opposite is true.

Consider that the average coin dealer . . .

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