Sunday, February 17, 2008

Carson City mintmark collectors: A Little Bit of Carson City

Collectors who think in terms of the Carson City mintmark often think in terms of higher denomination silver coins that came out of that sun-drenched, dry, Nevada town. Many collectors are surprised that the CC that collectors covet so much is also available on several lower denomination coins.

Carson City was carved out of a chunk of western Nevada territory in 1858, not long after the famous California Gold Rush and not long after many prospectors had realized that there was a lot of silver to be had as well as gold. According to the Web site for the Carson City Visitor's Bureau, the name came from that of the nearby Carson River. Other sources claim that the name is from Kit Carson. What isn't debated is that after people had begun to work the massive amounts of silver found in the Comstock Lode, many felt there was a need for a mint in the area. By 1870 that need had been met, with silver dollars, half dollars, quarters and dimes coming out around then. . . .

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