Sunday, February 17, 2008

PCGS Currency Certifies Legendary “D.B. Cooper” Skyjacking Ransom Notes

( Newport Beach, California) – Nearly two dozen $20 denomination notes from the infamous 1971 “D.B. Cooper” skyjacking have been certified by PCGS Currency on behalf of the owner who found them a quarter-century ago.

The bills belong to Brian Ingram, 36, of Mena, Arkansas who was eight years old in 1980 when he found the only ransom cash ever recovered from the infamous skyjacking.

“Even though the notes were damaged from apparently being in the Columbia River for years, we were able to match serial numbers with those on the FBI’s list of the $200,000 in $20 bills the skyjacker had when he jumped from the jetliner. There was even a Series 1963A star note,” said Laura A. Kessler, Vice President of PCGS Currency ( of Newport Beach, California, who headed the certification team.

Kessler carefully separated some of the notes and note fragments that were affixed together for decades, revealing serial numbers or Federal Reserve District seals.

Brian Ingram and the DB Cooper notes.Ingram plans to keep one note and sell the rest. . . .

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