Saturday, March 08, 2008

Dollar bill should be dropped for Sacagawea and Presidential coin

Use of metal-based currency has monetary, environmental benefits

You may have seen them. They're a bit larger than a quarter, mostly golden or golden brown, though the older ones are silver. They're worth a dollar each because … they're dollar coins.

The United States has long had the tradition of using dollar coins. The first one was minted in 1794, and they have been minted, when needed, throughout our nation's history.

Currently, there are several designs that circulate, although most often you will receive a Sacagawea dollar or one of the new presidential dollars.

But will you receive them? Probably not. I admit, I spend them more than I spend dollar bills, but I rarely ever receive them as change. As a cashier, I give them out when I get them, but that's rare as well.

Why the big deal over dollar coins? . . .

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