Friday, April 11, 2008

Lawmaker seeks to replace dollar coins with paper bills

I think someone forgot to tell Rep. Guyer that coins can last something like 18 years in circulation versus a mere 18 months for the dollar bill. So in the end, I wonder which is truly more environmentally damaging. - A.C. Dwyer

BOSTON - Rep. Denis Guyer wants to get rid of some of the coins in the MBTA’s subway system, and he admits its not just pocket change he’s worried about. The Dalton Democrat also lives in the same town as Crane & Co., the exclusive supplier of paper stock used to make dollar bills and other U.S. currency, and he’d like to preserve some jobs.

Guyer has filed legislation that would require the T to return paper money whenever a rider would get back $5 or more in change.

The lawmaker said the dollar coins fill up a pocket needlessly and coins made from mined elements are more environmentally damaging than paper currency made of cotton and recycled materials. . . .

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