Friday, May 02, 2008

Spanish Government confirms its interest in the Odyssey treasure find

A legal battle over the ownership of some 500,000 silver coins is now underway in earnest.
The Spanish Government has confirmed its aspirations over the treasure found and recovered by the United States company, Odyssey Marine Exploration.

‘It’s all ours’, said the General Director of Fine Arts, José Jiménez, who said that the silver coins and other items found in May 2007 can be claimed ‘with guarantees’ for the Spanish Government.

Jiménez said that after Spanish experts inspected some of the 500,000 silver coins, now thought to have come from the Spanish galleon ‘Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes’, off the Algarve coast in 1804, it was clear the treasure was from a boat of the Spanish Armada and Spain will recover it all. . . .

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Anonymous said...

These greedy Spaniards never learned, that's why their economy sucks compared to others in Europe. They can't even find their own sunken ships, only awaiting treasure hunters to get it for them. And who knows these treasures claimed by Spain were plundered from other South American countries as well. Their claim to such ended when they lost their not-so magnificent empire and colonies. All those gold and silver Spain got proved to be a curse after all.

Anonymous said...

Spain is LAZY as well!!! if they want the stuff then they should go get it off the bottom of the ocean, not wait for someone else to spend time and money to find, and then after it is recovered lay claim to 100% of it. I say dump it back in the ocean and cover the wreck and let Spain get off their lazy buts and go get it them selves