Friday, May 02, 2008

Stamp machines licked by too-high cost, too few users

(I can't tell you how sad that the story below makes me. Just a month or so ago the vending machine at my post office was removed. Now my main source of $1 coins is gone. The last time I used the machine in January, I was still getting 1979 Susan B. Anthony, 2000 Sacagawea, and the 2007 George Washington dollars in change. Now the vending machines are gone! . . . I went to the bank next door to try and get the new James Monroe dollar and they stopped getting the coins after James Madison. They had bags and bags of James Madison left if I wanted them, but I can forget any Presidents after him. - A.C. Dwyer)

The postage stamps are still around. But the vending machines that dispense them are going the way of the singing telegram and the Pony Express.

You will still be able to buy stamps at the counter or by using a credit or debit card at full-service Automated Postal Centers in some locations. But by May 12, all but a few of the Postal Service's coin-fed stamp machines will have vanished from area post offices, another victim of rising costs and falling patronage.

"There are two reasons why the Postal Service is removing its vending equipment," says Gary Sawtelle, a spokesman for the Central Florida district, which includes Palm Beach, Martin and St. Lucie counties. "The equipment is . . .

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Pocket Change said...

This really is a bummer. I always make a point of using these machines for the 1$ coins they give in change. Though for most people that may be the very reason that they are not using them.