Friday, May 02, 2008

Tampa's Odyssey Marine identifies two wrecks in court

Nearly a year after Odyssey Marine Exploration recovered roughly $500-million in coins from a shipwreck it code-named "Black Swan," the Tampa treasure-hunting company has finally gone public with the ship's suspected identity.

Odyssey said Thursday that evidence may point to the Nuestra SeƱora de las Mercedes y las Animas, a Spanish ship that sank near Gibraltar in 1804. The disclosure — filed under seal in Tampa federal court this week but subsequently unsealed by Magistrate Judge Mark A. Pizzo — should have little impact on the protracted legal battle between Odyssey and the government of Spain as to who owns the vessel's treasure. . . .

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Anonymous said...

These greedy Spaniards never learned, that's why their economy sucks compared to others in Europe. They can't even find their own sunken ships, only awaiting treasure hunters to get it for them. And who knows these treasures claimed by Spain were plundered from other South American countries as well. Their claim to such ended when they lost their not-so magnificent empire and colonies. All those gold and silver Spain got proved to be a curse after all.