Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A look at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Commemoration coins

Coins Mark 2008 Beijing Olympics

Athletes won't be the only ones in pursuit of Olympic gold and silver this summer.

Coin collectors will be able to acquire proof gold and silver commemorative coins issued by the China Mint in honor of the games it will host Aug. 8-24.

The precious metal commemorative coins reflect the games' theme, "One World, One Dream."

The complete proof 18-coin set, issued in three series, features six gold coins that are each one-third troy ounce and 12 silver coins that are each 1 troy ounce. The collection has a mintage limited to 60,000 worldwide, with 3,000 sets earmarked for the United States.

"With over a billion people in China alone, the limited mintage of these coins makes one realize that they may become as rare and treasured one day as ancient rare art pieces from Chinese history," said Kitty Quan, chief executive officer of Panda America, one of two U.S. distributors of the Olympic coins. . . .

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