Friday, June 06, 2008

US Mint taps Golin for presidential coin outreach

WASHINGTON: The US Mint is working with GolinHarris on a campaign promoting the use of presidential $1 coins as common currency.
The effort's PR budget is as much as $2.4 million for the first year with an option to renew for subsequent years if both parties are satisfied, said Patrick McAfee, director, US Mint Office of Dollar Coin Programs.

“What we are trying to achieve is that people would use presidential $1 coins just like they would use dollars and coins,” McAfee said. ... The campaign's test phase will begin this July in Charlotte, NC; Austin, TX; Grand Rapids, MI; and Portland, OR. ... Golin is emphasizing the environmental and economic benefits of using the coins instead of paper money, noting that they are recyclable and can save the US up to $5 billion in a decade, said Love.

“We really need a compelling reason for people to change their behavior towards the dollar coin in general. This campaign is designed to focus on the fact that these coins are 100% recyclable and that they last for a long time, which saves natural resources and money,” she said. “The thing we are testing with this campaign is the idea that there is a different sort of benefit with using this coin.”
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