Sunday, August 17, 2008

After 160 years, SS New York shipwreck gold coins come home to Dahlonega

Al Adams has finally recovered his sunken treasure.

It may have taken a violent shipwreck, a century on the ocean floor and a heated auction in Baltimore, but two gold coins recently returned to Dahlonega in the hands of the local Gold Rush Gallery coin dealer.

“It was a great story,” said Adams “ ... The coins had been submerged in the Gulf of Mexico for 160 years.”

The coins in question are $5 pieces that originated at the Dahlonega mint in the 1840s.

Since then they've been on a wild ride.

In 1846, a steamship hauling a trove of coins from various United States mints was lost in a storm off the coast of Louisiana.

There it sat for decade upon decade beneath 60 feet of water.

Then in . . .

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