Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mystery of the Lesher dollars

It's no secret that Victor and Cripple Creek produced millions in gold from mines dug on the back side of Pikes Peak.

Starting with Bob Womack's discovery in Poverty Gulch in 1890, the Cripple Creek district exploded into a world-famous mining camp. Even today, mining goes on in Victor - using a cyanide drip to extract gold. But some say there is another fortune to be had.

Not buried raw metal awaiting prospectors with picks and shovels.

Silver, as in hundreds of coins minted in 1900-01, distributed mostly in Victor and said by some to be missing ever since. Coins, known as Lesher dollars, which could be worth hundreds of thousands to the lucky person who discovers the stash. And it may be as easy to find as looking in . . .

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