Thursday, July 22, 2010

Consumer Reports Raises Doubts About Gold Firm Touted By Glenn Beck

Investigation Questions Goldine's Sales Tactics, Says Beck Sponsor Asked Nearly Twice As Much For Coin Set As Competitor

One of the nation's top independent consumer advocates has just released a report that casts strong doubts on the aggressive sales tactics at Goldline, the precious metals dealer endorsed by Glenn Beck and other conservative radio and television talk show hosts.

"Maybe if you're worried about Armageddon you might consider it good advice," the editor of Consumer Reports Money Adviser, a newsletter put out by Consumer Reports, told ABC News after reviewing the telephone sales pitch by a Goldline associate.

"I think that when you're buying anything, and here at Consumer Reports it is what we do, anything you're buying we advise that you check as many possible places to see where the best deals are," said Noreen Perrotta, the money editor. "I don't think in this case that Goldline offered . . .

Full story at: ABC News

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