Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Florida to Auction Rare Coins, Currency, Shipwreck Gold from Abandoned Safety Deposit Boxes

The State of Florida is planning to auction on August 20/21 over 40,000 items from abandoned safety deposit boxes. "We've collected a record high amount of unclaimed property in the past year," said the state's Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink.

A quick look at some of the lot photos shows plenty of U.S. and foreign gold coins, currency, and even a 52 oz. gold finger bar apparently recovered from a shipwreck. There's even a lot with 3 silver coin pieces and 2 shipwreck treasure certificates, but please read my shipwreck treasure article before bidding on this item.

There are plenty of Liberty Head and St. Gaudens quarter eagles, half eagles, eagles, and double eagles. Mexican 50 peso gold coins can also be found in a number of different lots.

Other lots include uncirculated coin rolls and even full sheets of postage stamps. There appears to be something for everyone.

View the online auction catalog at: Florida Bureau of Unclaimed Propery

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