Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Standard Catalog of German Coins: 1501 to Present, 3rd Edition is Now Available

It's been 12 years since the last edition

Krause Publications has just released a new 3rd Edition of the Standard Catalog of German Coins: 1501 to Present.

The catalog includes details, current values and photographs of 5 centuries of German coins, including the newest releases and latest discoveries.

Market values are based on analysis of actual dealer offerings and auction results of the last 12 years. This catalog is for those collecting German coins by series, mintmark, ruler, proof, pattern, time period or any other criteria.

This new edition includes:

• Additional data on mint officials and mintage figures
• Listings for German States that only existed prior to 1601
• Expanded descriptions and Instant Identifier tables with illustrations of shields, arms and monograms
• Increased number of minor coin illustrations
• German coin denomination tables by N. Douglas Nicol
• Brief overview of German monetary history

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