Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cartographer Finds Sunken Treasure Under the Oceans of the World

Spence sits in his treasure-filled office outside Columbia, S.C. A bank building with a 3-foot thick vault door serves as his repository for many of the shipwreck coins and valuable artifacts he has discovered under the oceans of the world.

Dr. E. Lee Spence, a marine archaeologist and modern pioneer of underwater exploration, has had a lifetime fascination with treasures and maps. He describes his maps as the “natural byproduct” of his research to locate sunken ships.

In 1970, Spence discovered the submarine H. L. Hunley, which sank on Feb. 17, 1864. His maps proved to be more than a natural byproduct. They were a necessary tool for preserving his discovery before souvenir hunters could destroy it.

“I read Treasure Island and was fascinated by its tale of pirates and buried treasure. I started . . .

Full story at: The Epoch Times

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