Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Gold Buyers Guide: How To Avoid Getting Ripped Off

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I've always advocated that investors hold at least 5-10% of their portfolios in physical precious metals.

With major Western nations now defaulting on their debts, more and more investors have decided it's time to take my advice and own an asset that doesn't depend on the solvency of an ETF, bank, or government.

Unfortunately, with all these news buyers in the gold market, there is ample opportunity for dishonest firms with big advertising budgets and celebrity endorsements to make a quick buck.

If you are thinking of buying gold or silver for . . .

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Coin Discovery May Change History on who Built Jerusalem's Western Wall

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Two ancient bronze coins stamped 20 years after Herod's death found beneath Western Wall foundation.

Newly found coins underneath Jerusalem's Western Wall could change the accepted belief about the construction of one of the world's most sacred sites two millennia ago, Israeli archaeologists said Wednesday.

The man usually credited with building the compound known to Jews as the Temple Mount and to Muslims as the Noble Sanctuary is Herod, a Jewish ruler who died in . . .

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2012 Sacagawea Dollar Coin Reverse Image Released by U.S. Mint

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The United States Mint announced the new reverse (tails side) design that Americans will see on the 2012 Native American $1 Coin. The theme for the design is "Trade Routes in the 17th Century."

In keeping with the coin's theme, the 2012 reverse design features a Native American and horse in profile, with horses running in the background, representing the historical spread of the horse. The design includes the . . .

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Congressional Gold Medal Presented to Astronauts

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WASHINGTON - The New Frontier Congressional Gold Medal was presented to astronauts John Herschel Glenn, Jr.; Neil A. Armstrong; Edwin E. "Buzz" Aldrin, Jr.; and Michael Collins during a ceremony in the Rotunda of the U.S. Capitol.

The medal, designed and struck by the United States Mint, is in recognition of these astronauts' significant contributions to our Nation.

John Glenn became the first American to orbit the Earth on February 20, 1962, helping pave the way for the first lunar landing. As mission commander for Apollo 11, Neil Armstrong gained the distinction of being the first astronaut to . . .

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Trashman Discovers Hoard of Roman Coins

A huge stash of Roman silver coins unearthed in a Midland field has been declared treasure, worth tens of thousands of pounds.

Worcestershire deputy coroner Margarite Elcock ruled on Wednesday that the Bredon Hill Hoard should be “seized on behalf of the Queen as treasure”.

The coins, which are now bronze having been “debased to less than one per cent silver,” date to 244-282AD – a period in Roman history known as . . .

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U.S. Mint Issues James Garfield Presidential Dollar Coin

MENTOR, Ohio - Admirers of former U.S. President James Garfield gathered today for the United States Mint's official launch of the Presidential $1 Coin struck in his honor.

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The ceremony was held at the James A. Garfield National Historic Site - location of the 20th President's family home - two days prior to the 180th anniversary of Garfield's birth.

"The Presidential $1 Coin series connects Americans to inspiring life stories like President Garfield's," said United States Mint Acting Associate Director for Manufacturing Marc Landry.

"He was the last President born in a log cabin, fatherless by the age of two, drove canal boat teams to earn money for . . .

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Monday, November 14, 2011

U.S. Mint to Release Chickasaw National Recreation Area Quarter Dollar

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Officials from the United States Mint, the National Park Service and the Oklahoma state legislature - along with scores of local schoolchildren - will celebrate the release of the Chickasaw National Recreation Area Quarter on November 16, 2011.

The ceremony will take place 11:00 a.m. Central Time (CT), in Flower Park on the grounds of the Chickasaw National Recreation Area.

Highlights of the free event will include a coin exchange where the public can swap their cash for $10 coin rolls containing the new Chickasaw National Recreation Area Quarter. . . .

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James Garfield Presidential Dollar Coin to be Launched 2 Days Before Birthdate

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WASHINGTON - The United States Mint will introduce the new Presidential $1 Coin honoring James A. Garfield, our Nation's 20th President, on November 17-- two days before the 180th anniversary of his birth.

The public event will take place at the James A. Garfield National Historic Site in Mentor, Ohio, at 10 a.m. Eastern time (ET). Following the ceremony, the public can exchange their . . .

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

New Silver Bullion Coins to Feature Spongebob Squarepants Characters

CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--PFG Precious Metals, a division of PFGBEST, has partnered with New Zealand Mint to manufacture, produce and distribute a limited edition four-coin set featuring characters from Nickelodeon’s global pop culture phenomenon SpongeBob SquarePants.

“With SpongeBob having such a huge fan base, we believe the issue will be a global bestseller. To marry a premium bullion coin with a fun and exciting brand such as Nickelodeon is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for New Zealand Mint.”

The world’s most famous . . .

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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

U.S. Mint's Top Gold Supplier Started as Mom and Pop Coin Shop

In 1973, Louis Oliari opened Coins ’N Things, a small storefront between a Dairy Queen and a hair salon in Brockton, Mass.

His teenage son Mark had become obsessed with coin trading, and Louis, an engineer and a coin enthusiast himself, figured if he indulged the kid he’d eventually outgrow the hobby and go to college. “The whole idea was that I’d get bored and get this out of my system,” Mark, now 54, remembers.

Today, Coins ’N Things is the largest seller of raw gold to the . . .

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U.S. Mint to Issue Baseball Hall of Fame Commemorative Gold and Silver Coins

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The baseball hall of fame will celebrates it’s 75th anniversary in 2014 and in celebration of that monumental occasion the U.S. Mint has been authorized to create commemorative coins.

The Secretary of the Treasury this week provided the mint with permission to issue no more than 50,000 $5 gold coins, 400,000 $1 silver coins and 750,000 half dollar coins for a one year period starting on Jan. 1, 2015.

The bill to mint the coins must still pass . . .

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Sunday, November 06, 2011

Seeking Lost Treasure After 94 Years

It’s been nearly 100 years since a jewel case containing family and imperial jewelry crashed through the ice to the bottom of Lake Baikal. The last hands it touched before disappearing into the watery depths were those of a Russian woman who was fleeing the country to save her life.

The year was 1917. The Bolsheviks had seized power, and White Russians were forced to move out of their homes or face execution.

Vadim and Zinaida Smit had no hope of . . .

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Charges for Glenn Beck-backed Gold Firm

Prosecutors have filed criminal charges against precious metal dealer Goldline International - endorsed by conservative celebrities Glenn Beck, Laura Ingraham and Mark Levin - accusing the company of defrauding customers and tricking them into buying coins under false pretenses.

The Santa Monica City Attorney’s Office this week filed a 19-charge criminal complaint against Goldline, a California-based retailer, alleging the company runs a “bait and switch operation” and suckers customers seeking to invest in gold bullion to instead buy . . .

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Friday, November 04, 2011

Jar Filled with $20 Double Eagle Gold Coins and Buried in London During WWII to be Sold

American gold coins discovered in the garden of a London home where they were buried in fear of a Nazi invasion are expected to sell for a total of around £80,000 in a sale to be conducted by specialist London auctioneers Morton & Eden.

The sale, in association with Sotheby's, will be held on November 29-30.

The Hackney hoard of $20 Double Eagle coins first hit the headlines when a resident and his friends uncovered them while digging out a pond in his front garden. The 80 glistening coins, wrapped in . . .

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Congressional Gold Medal Presented to Nisei Soldiers of World War II

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WASHINGTON - The Congressional Gold Medal was presented collectively to the U.S. Army's 100th Infantry Battalion (INF BN), the 442nd Regimental Combat Team (RCT) and the Military Intelligence Service (MIS) - also known as Nisei Soldiers of World War II - during a ceremony in the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center's Emancipation Hall.

The medal, designed and struck by the United States Mint, is in recognition of the Nisei Soldiers' dedicated service during World War II.

The medal's obverse (heads side) was designed by . . .

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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Canada's New 2 Dollar Boreal Forest Coin

Ottawa, Ontario, November 1, 2011 – The Royal Canadian Mint is pleased to inform Canadians they can soon start collecting a new 2011 two-dollar circulation coin honouring Canada's boreal forest.

This coin which has now entered circulation was preceded by a one-dollar circulation coin dedicated to the centennial of Parks Canada in October 2011 and will be followed in early 2012 by a trio of 25-cent coins featuring the Orca, Wood Bison and Peregrine Falcon.

All five of these special circulation coins are inspired by the . . .

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Silver Coin Commemorates Highway of Heroes

TRENTON, ONTARIO – October 31, 2011 – Today in Trenton, the Royal Canadian Mint unveiled a silver coin to commemorate the Highway of Heroes. 

During the ceremony, the Mint also announced that $20 dollars from the sale of each Highway of Heroes commemorative coin will be shared between the Afghanistan Repatriation Memorial and the Military Families Fund.

"This silver coin commemorates the . . .

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A Novel New Way to Invest in Gold by the Royal Canadian Mint

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OTTAWA, Ontario - October 28, 2011 –The Royal Canadian Mint is pleased to announce its initial public offering of Exchange Traded Receipts (ETRs) under the Mint's new Canadian Gold Reserves program.

Each ETR provides evidence of ownership in physical gold bullion held in the custody of the Mint at its facilities in Ottawa, Ontario. The Canadian Gold Reserves program marks the expansion of the Mint's successful core bullion and refinery business.

"We believe that this new program will build on our reputation and continued success as a world-class custodian of precious metals," said Ian E. Bennett, President and CEO of the Royal Canadian Mint. "With the introduction of the Canadian Gold Reserves ETR program we hope that investors will see this as a convenient, efficient and secure method for investing in and owning physical gold."

Unlike other gold investment products, the purchaser of an ETR owns the actual gold rather than a . . .

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The Rush is on to Sell Gold

It’s the new gold rush.

With gold trading just over $1,700 (U.S.) an ounce, people are naturally trying to figure out a way to reach eager investors.

There are the traditional ways, including buying certificates from financial institutions, but as demand grows, so do the new methods.

The Royal Canadian Mint announced plans this week to sell gold in $20 chunks, through exchange-traded receipts, where people can own a tiny speck of the precious metal that will be held in the . . .

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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

2012 U.S. Infantry Soldier Commemorative Silver Dollar Design Unveiled

COLUMBUS, Ga. - Officials from the United States Mint and National Infantry Foundation, joined by Vietnam War Medal of Honor recipients, unveiled designs for the 2012 Infantry Soldier Silver Dollar at Fort Benning's historic Doughboy Stadium.

"The United States Mint wanted infantry soldiers and their families to be the first people in the nation to see the designs of this new U.S. commemorative silver dollar being created in their honor," said B. B. Craig, Associate Director of Sales and Marketing for the bureau.

"So we have come here tonight, joined by these distinguished guests, to unveil the coin designs of the 2012 Infantry Soldier Silver Dollar for . . .

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300 Year Old Chinese Coin Found in Canada's Yukon

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A 340-year-old coin from China has been unearthed by archeologists near a planned Yukon gold mine, shedding fresh light on historic trade links between 17th-century Chinese merchants, Russian fur traders and first nations in the northwest corner of North America.

The coin is etched with traditional Chinese characters indicating it was minted during the Qing Dynasty reign of Emperor Kangxi, who ruled China from 1662 to 1722. But other information stamped on the money piece . . .

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'Treasure of Benghazi' Stolen in One of the Biggest Heists in Archaeological History

A priceless collection of 7,700 gold, silver and bronze coins from ancient times -- known as the Treasure of Benghazi -- was stolen when a gang drilled through the concrete ceiling of an underground vault in the Libyan city earlier this year.

An expert described it last week as "one of the greatest thefts in archaeological history," with many of the items dating from the time of Alexander the Great.

It is impossible to give a value for the hoard but a single ancient Greek coin from Carthage was sold this month for . . .

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